Volunteer Stories

Working with Project PX has been such a wonderful opportunity for me. It helped form a desire in my heart at a young age to love and cherish the poor and suffering around us, not only in our own communities, but for those all over the world. The dedication that Project PX has to make poverty extinct gives me hope for the future and continues to call me on to the service of those in need.

- Eva Vogrinc

Doing mission work in the Dominican Republic with Project PX as a teenager changed my life. I grew an appreciation for the things I have, an awareness for those who live without, and a fire in my heart to continue a life of charity.

- Lauren Felzani

Being part of Project PX has been one of the best experiences in my life. Being able to help others in need has in return given me a sense of intrinsic gratification. Little details mean the world to them. Every moment of the trip was an amazing experience. Looking forward to the next opportunity!

- Valeria TreviƱo

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